How to turn a play date into an impromtu photo session!

My darling friend Keely came over with her ADORABLE little tike for a play date this last May. (Oh. My. Lanta….we haven’t had a play date since MAY! KEELY!) Her daughter, Gracie, is a few months younger than my son, Solomon. They are so cute together! They stayed for dinner, and all three of the kids were getting SUPER hyper and running through the house like crazy chimps. That’s when Keely and I locked eyes and both knew we HAD to get them outside before we got em. So out we went and it was the “Golden Hour” that photographers LOVE. The sun was beginning to go down and there was such a pretty glow outside. I ran inside and grabbed my trusty friend. I simply started following all the kids around taking pictures. What a fun experience!

Here’s my favorite shots of the day!

Hope you enjoyed it!



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