Lightroom HDR Post-processing

So! I have been looking a little bit into High Dynamic Resolution (HDR) post-processing techniques. This is a PP method that involves bringing out the best exposure for every portion of the photograph, instead of having blown-out or overly darkened areas that are typical when a subject is the correct exposure. This technique is usually preformed within Photoshop by using layers and masking, but I wondered if I could achieve a similar effect using Lightroom alone. Gradient tutorialHere I used the Gradient tool to alter the exposure, temperature, saturation, and other options on the sky alone. It did not affect my subjects because I made sure to cap it off above the cap (doh ho ho ho). I also used the same technique from the bottom up to warm up the foreground and add more contrast. I really like how it turned out! subjects-2Here is another example of the same process. subjects-3I’m excited to learn more about various post-processing techniques, and getting familiar with Photoshop, specifically, so that I can learn more about High Dynamic Resolution processing! //Kristina Marie


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